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Simson Power Tools

Simson Power Tools

As early as the mid 1950s, we developed a hydraulic power jack which combined low weight with high pressure capacity. The jack, wich had a built-in oil pump, drew great attention and quickly turned into a success.

The foundations of Simson Power Tools were laid in Hofors, Sweden, where the parent company now are located. We also have an established subsidary in Eussenheim, Germany. We are represented by dealers in large parts of the world.

Personal service

Simson Power Tools is a small company with all the advantages that come with this. Fast and clear information with a personal service, in addition to the usual package.

Small but colourful

The colour of our tools has become a symbol of quality and reliability. Simson is an unbeatable master when it comes to the ratio between weight and power. The smallest model is so small that it will fit in your pocket, but it can, nevertheless, lift 15 tonnes.


We have renovated 30-year old jacks and made them like new again. A large part of our operations is made up by renovation of tools.

Thanks to our long experience and broad network of contacts, we successfully handle most things that have something to do with hydraulic tools. Regardless the brand, we make sure that the worn jacks get new power.

We keep a large stock of spare parts, this is why we quickly can ensure that the jacks are repaired and sent back to our customers.

Support which weighs heavily

If a customer has technical conserns, we would be glad to lend a hand. 50 years of experience in hydraulics have made us experts in power tools and we can always suggest solutions which save both time and money.

We also manufacture special tools and offer solutions which fit the different needs of our customers. We always provide quick assistance at competitive prices.

Master in all classes

From the smallest compact jack, which in its standard design lifts ten tonnes, to the large cylinders which can lift up to eleven hundred tonnes, Simson is an unbeatable master when it comes to the ratio between weight and power.


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